Lonnie Scholl, PA

Christopher Porter, PA-C

ENT Practitioner Lonnie Scholl

Growing up in Springfield, Missouri in a family of farmers, mechanics and factory workers sparked the drive to help people who could not afford medical care. Originally an engineering major at Missouri State University, an opportunity to work at a hometown hospital instilled a passion to care for people and listen to their medical struggles. Years later Lonnie Scholl was able to attend the University of Oklahoma Physician Associate program and graduated in 1995 with high honors along with seals of excellence in primary care and surgery on National Boards.

A career that spans over 27 years as a Physician Assistant includes Internal medicine, Oncology and Emergency Room Medicine with the final 15 years doing ENT in Southwest Oklahoma. Taking care of inherent hearing, balance, allergy and sinus problems in a farming, factory and military area became areas of expertise.

Married for 25 years to his wife Stacy, the family moved to North Carolina in 2020 because of new opportunities for her educating children with special needs, and to watch their daughter Jylian pursue a degree in Communications and the Arts. Physician Assistant Lonnie Scholl continued his work in North Carolina while helping Residents in the ENT clinic and teaching at Methodist University Physician Assistant program.

Joining Chesapeake Bay Ear, Nose, and Throat and moving to the Hampton Roads area has become a dream come true in providing excellent care for the patients in the Franklin office and to continue his passions of travel, history and motorsports.

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