Covid-19 Safety Measures at Virginia Sinus Center

“Is my Doctor’s office safe for me to visit?”

This is one of the most common questions we hear as our communities begin to re-open.

Doctors have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for patients and, as long as important measures have been taken, there is no need to avoid your important medical care.

You shouldn’t have to feel worried about visiting the Doctor, make sure yours is taking the proper precautions.

What are those important measures?

For Patients

  1. Patient screening, and testing. Temperature, symptoms, contacts, and oxygen levels.
  2. Mandatory masks

Our Staff

  1. Training in infection control measures
  2. Daily Screening and Periodic Testing
  3. PPE, N95 masks, gloves, eye protection and gowns

Our Facility

  1. Waiting room restrictions
  2. CDC-Compliant Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms for high risk procedures or patients
  3. Exam rooms cleaned after each patient use
Temperature checks for all patients and employees

If you have any questions, or if you are currently suffering with any issues regarding your sinuses or allergies, or any ear, nose and throat concerns, call our office at (757) 932-1152.

We are here to help.

Here are a couple of resources you can download to have on-hand outlining safety precautions and procedures related to the COVID-19 reopening of our offices to our Allergy, Ear Nose and Throat patients.

Chesapeake Bay ENT/Virginia Sinus Center ProtocolOffice Procedures